Keeping the objective of providing quality education very much alive and active, we concentrate mostly in the following areas with time- bound actions taken to achieve the expected results.

�       Academic Excellence: In order to achieve academic excellence the school provides opportunities for students to acquire superior levels of communication skills in each subject (like library research, present seminars using technology etc.)

�       Information Technology Integration: In tune with the modern academic preparation we provide advanced courses in information technology. Internet facility and generous time allotment for each student is our main thrust in this sector. (State of the art Computer lab already exists in the school)

�       Personality Development Programmes: School is the main place, next to home where students get the opportunity to shape and refine their personality development. This is one of the major areas where we are doing our level best. The focus is already on including self confidence, self-esteem, team spirit, healthy optimism and learning how to face failures with a positive and optimistic approach.

�       Extracurricular activities:  Sports & games play a vital role in developing the physical education constituent of the child. We believe that such activities are very essential to the receptivity and performance of the student. We believe in the saying “a strong mind is where a strong body is”. Through our cultural programmes we focus more on the ethical and moral development of the student.

�       Co-curricular activities: We are taking necessary steps to develop the skills in students in presenting seminars, debates, dramatics whose content can be episodes from history, science and technology and so on. With the purpose of making available scholarships to enterprising students we have instituted Eastern Excellence Certificate and Cash awards to outstanding students.

�       Costs and Accountability: we are accountable to all our innovative programmes in terms of providing meaningful and useful education to the children. In our endeavor to provide quality education and our commitment to both parents and students we would like to fall in  line with old Chinese Saying, “cheap things no good, good things no cheap”.